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That’s an easy one: Just use “Find” in your mobile Lifeblog 2.X. 🙂

Seriously, chose “Find” from the “Options” menu in the Timeline and you will find:

  • all messages from/to Alina by typing in “Alina”
  • all images that you took in Italy with your Nseries device by typing in “italy”.
  • all notes that you tagged with “party” by typing in “party”
  • all videos that you took during your holiday by typing in “holiday” (if you had an entry for your holidays in your calendar)
  • all messages to/from Alina related to Lidl by typing in “alina lidl”
  • all blog postings you did about restaurants by typing in “restaurant”

and much more. I guess you get the point.

But you can take it even further: You have taken an image of Costello. It was some time ago. You don’t remember the exact date. It was when being in a pub in Finland. You were watching Sweden vs. England at that time. You have neither tagged nor named the picture with “Costello”. And you have 500 images on your Nseries device.

You can start browsing. Good luck.

Or you can type: “Sweden England” will find your message “come 2 chelsea. sweden vs england is on tv”. All you have to do then is press “Back” and voila: here are all the images from the Chelsea bar you took that night. Including the picture of Costello.


Written by lifeb

September 6, 2006 at 7:03 pm

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  1. And remember that the key 9 is a shortcut for searching whereas # is a shortcut for moving to a specific date.


    July 10, 2007 at 12:00 am

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