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Let’s assume you want to view the exchange of messages that you had with John Wayne.

If you want to view such a message thread on your mobile, you can go to “Options->Find” and the enter “John Wayne” into the search field. Actually, you could even enter “Wayne John” as the order does not matter. And voilà: what you get is a timeline of all the messages that you have written to John or received from him.

As Lifeblog takes the name from your mobile Contacts application you need to be a bit careful of how you have spelled the name there: because a prefix search is used in mobile Lifeblog, a search for “John Wayne” would still reveal all the right messages if the corresponding contact entry says “Johnnie Wayne”. But it would fail for “John Waine”.

PC Lifeblog follows the same basic principles, but it provides for a bit more flexibility: “John Wayne”, when entered in the search field, will reveal all messages related to John. But on the PC, Lifeblog uses infix search rather then prefix search. And in addition you can also search for phone numbers.

If the phone number of John happens to be +1234567890 then a search for “1234567890” will show all his messages and so does “567890” or “2345678”. Also, “ohn ayne” would do the job.

Can be quite an entertaining feature for cold dark winter evenings. 🙂


Written by lifeb

September 16, 2006 at 10:06 am

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