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I have about 25,000 items in my Lifeblog vault; amongst these are about 19,000 still images and 300 videos.

Even though browsing is fun, it can be tiresome to find this one image that I want to find just by navigating in the timeline. And my memory is too bad to remember the day -or even the exact year- of it.

In my previous post, I already explained the power of search in Lifeblog. But you can do even better if you follow a few simple rules.

Here is my proposal for a search strategy:

  • Never ever delete any messages from your PC Lifeblog! No, not even stupid messages from local providers such as “Welcome to Italy…”. No, not even if you don’t care about messages at all. Why? Because you never know whether they will provide for a pointer during a later search.
  • Before your search, disable any type-based filtering! Then you can be sure that your search will cover your whole database incl. all data and metadata. And you are more likely not to miss any pointers to this one little missing image.
  • When typing your search, watch for the immediate feedback while you type away! Lifeblog shows a list of search terms that occur at least once in your database. Once you hit the search button, you can be sure that you get at least one hit back as long as you stick to the proposals.
  • Watch for tiny pointers in the search result! In case you can’t spot the wanted image right away in your search result, look for clues. Such as the “Welcome to Italy…” message. It can be the missing pointer to the SLR image of Milan that you were looking for.
    When you have found such a pointer, just scroll the timeline such that your pointer is in the middle of the screen and push the “back” (<-) button. Now, you can see the time-based context – and your Milan image.

Written by lifeb

September 24, 2006 at 5:21 pm

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