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…use Lifeblog 2.X on the PC with Lifeblog 1.X on the phone

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Unfortunately, Nokia distributes the mobile Lifeblog 2.X versions only for Nseries devices. There is only one serious flaw about the Nseries: not everybody owns one. Just take my wife as an example: she owns a 6670.
So how can you use Lifeblog 2.X together with non-Nseries devices? I see three options:

  • Option A (if you have a Nokia S60 phone): check from the official Nokia Lifeblog page, whether your phone supports Lifeblog 1.X. If it does, download the application from the same pages and install it on your phone.
    On your PC, install the latest version of Lifeblog. Nobody requires you to own an Nseries device in order to do so. Neither do you need a license for Lifeblog 2.X. 🙂
    After you have installed Lifeblog 2.X, go to the directory where you have installed Lifeblog to, e.g., C:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia Lifeblog. In this directory, you will find a file called “SyncConfig.xml”. This file you need to modify in order to get Lifeblog 2.X to work with Lifeblog 1.X on the phone:
    1) Make a backup of any existing Lifeblog data – but that’s part of your routine anyway, isn’t it? 😉
    2) Create a copy of “SyncConfig.xml”
    3) Open “SyncConfig.xml” with your prefered editor; in the worst case, plain “Notepad” will do
    4) Remove the comment that encompasses the first <Adapter> element
    5) Save “SyncConfig.xml”
    Afterwards, you will be able to read the data from the mobile Lifeblog 1.X into PC Lifeblog 2.X. You might not get all the metadata that Lifeblog 2.X supports. And the user experience might be a bit special. And Nokia doesn’t support it. But for my wife and her 6670 it works fine. 🙂
  • Option B (if your device connects to your PC as a hard drive): Then, you can import compatible data via “File->Import from PC” into Lifeblog. More elegantly, you can drag and drop the device folder onto Lifeblog’s timeline. Lifeblog scans any given directory recursively and will figure out by itself, which files it can use. However, you are back to pre-Nseries metadata stoneage here: if you want to use metadata with your stuff, you have to add it yourself.
  • Option C (if your device does not connect to your PC as a hard drive): You are pretty much on your own. Meaning: you have to figure out a way how to transfer images, etc. from this device to the PC. Afterwards, you can import stuff into Lifeblog from the PC. Not very elegant, I am afraid.

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September 4, 2006 at 4:49 pm

Intro to this blog

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What you will find on this blog in the upcoming days, weeks and months are hints related to Nokia Lifeblog.

These hints should help you to unleash the power of Nokia Lifeblog and especially of Nokia Lifeblog 2.X.

Taking these hints into use happens at your own risk! Therefore, make sure that you have backed up your data in order to cope with any mishaps. In no way, am I to be held responsible for any damages originating from the application of the hints on these pages. Sorry.

General information about Lifeblog can be found from the following sites:

  • Nokia Lifeblog: official site; the applications, including the FREE application for PC can be downloaded from there
  • Ivan Kuznetsov: very good and concise description of what Lifeblog is -and what it isn’t 😉
  • Moving experiences: blog post by Christian Lindholm when Lifeblog 1.0 was published; historical, but it provides for a good description of Lifeblog’s DNA

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July 30, 2006 at 2:19 pm